Rich, sultry, robust, and powerful are just a few of the superlatives used to describe singer/songwriter Jus’Tina’s voice. Her performances are engaging and you feel every note. Yet if you not only hear, but listen, you will enter into Jus’Tina’s soul. The lyrics featured on her debut album “Live To Love” are thoughtful, progressive, and socially conscience. She advocates for peace, unconditional love, justice and just simply being who you are with tracks “Live To Love”, “Peace Be Made On This Day”, “Everybody Wants To Be Love”, and “Break Free”.

Yet, just when you think you have her soul figured out, she cranks it up and belts out “Hunger For You” and “I Want Some Funk” and if your lucky she may even perform the delightful up tempo “Love Zone” which will be on her next album.

Whether you purchase a CD and/or attend a live performance you will not be disappointed.